If your wondering how the event will be judged, and worried that you’ve never been on a flowrider before, fear not! Here is a break down of what the judges will be looking for.

Don’t forget this is a fun event and is open to anyone, you don’t need to be a BBC member and the event doesn’t count towards the tour. It’s about having a laugh, a bit of a party and to try to raise some money for the BBC to help run the 2011 tour.

To enter the contest go to:

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Here is the break down of the judging criteria:


• Each rider gets three runs at 45 seconds long. The rider will be notfied when their time is up, but will have the opportunity to do one bonus trick. This bonus trick will not affect the score if not executed.  However if it is executed, it can potentally increase their score.

• The following criteria will determine a score out of 10:

– Difficulty 40%

• Positon on the wave and difficulty of the maneuver/trick

– Variety 25%

• Number of different and unique tricks, repettion will result in a lower score

– Executon 15%

• How clean and controlled the maneuvers/tricks are executed. The cleaner the landing, the higher the score, but this is also influenced by the difficulty of the trick.

– Overall Impression 20%

• How well the FlowRider is used

• How well the tricks are linked together

• How the riders use their 2me

• Intensity, style, control and comfort are all factors


• All three rides in a heat will receive a score between 0-10 from each of the five judges

• The two highest scores from each judge will be added together to get a rider’s heat score and rank

• The highest and lowest combined scores for each rider will be dropped

• The remaining three ranks will be added together to determine the riders’ rank total. This total will determine the riders position.

• The rider with the lowest rank total will place 1st, second lowest place second, etc. Ex. A rider gets three 1st place ranks from the

• If there is a tie in positions, the three remaining 2 score totals will be averaged

– If it remains a tie, the highest 2 score total will be used

– If it is still a tie, the highest single score of the eligible scores will be used

– If it remains a tie, the judges will choose a ‘Flow-off’ or a judges vote remaining judge scores, that rider’s rank score is 3