Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct for competitors and responsible adults* 

1. Prior to the competition, all competitors should familiarise themselves with the established rules and precedents as laid down by Surfing GB regarding the running of a competition, and the code of conduct of competitors during competitions. These may be reproduced on the BBC website.

2. In addition, all competitors’ and responsible adults’ attention is drawn to the terms and conditions of entry as laid down on the British Bodyboard website and/or entry form. The Contest Director’s decision is final in all matters. This is a fundamental pre-requisite for entry to any BBC competition, and all competitors and responsible adults are required to adhere to this principle.

3. Competitors and responsible adults are expected to act in a sporting manner at all times during the duration of a competition. This includes any verbal and non-verbal communication with fellow competitors, spectators and competition staff. Any foul, abusive or aggressive language, gestures or behaviour directed at competition staff, may result in summary disqualification of the competitor themselves or the competitor whom a responsible adult represents (if they are guilty of this action), loss of tour points or suspension from the subsequent tour or BBC event

4. Questions and queries arising during the competition should be directed to the Contest Director in the first instance; where practicable these will be addressed during the course of the competition. Technical queries or complaints must be submitted in writing to the Contest Director within 48 hours of the conclusion of the competition. The contest committee will review these and produce a written response. Clause 2 applies in all matters.

5. All competitors are expected to check-in on time at Contest Control. Any competitors failing so to do risk disqualification regardless of whether an entry fee has been paid. In exceptional circumstances late check-in may be agreed in advance with the Contest Director if an entry fee has been pre-paid.

6. A contest briefing will generally be held after check-in has completed; it is in the interests of all competitors and responsible adults to attend the briefing where judging criteria, wave conditions and running order may be discussed. Any competitor mistakes arising from non-attendance at the briefing will be the sole responsibility of that competitor.

7. Running order and timings are always subject to change due to surfing conditions and scheduling changes; competitors and responsible adults must regularly check with contest control for updates.

8. Rash vests must be worn to and from the water with the principal sponsor’s logo facing outwards. Competitors should not enter the water until released by the beach marshal or other responsible member of competition staff.

9. Competitors must ensure that their equipment is in good order and up to competition standard.

10. Free surfing must at all times be conducted away from the competition zone. A competitor (whether they have been eliminated from the competition or not) who surfs in or near the competition zone during the running of a heat can be referred to the Contest Director by the Head Judge for sanction. This can include disqualification from the current event, loss of tour points or suspension from the subsequent tour or BBC event.

11. Competitors should refrain from consuming alcohol whilst they are still in competition.

12. Contest staff. Where circumstances dictate, a competitor may, at the absolute discretion of the Contest Director, be permitted to substitute in a contest support staff capacity. In the circumstance where they have been eliminated from the competition or relevant division they may also be permitted to act as a substitute Judge. A Judge will be permitted to compete in a division in which they do not judge.

13. Competitors may request to view judging sheets if necessary. The Head Judge (or Contest Director in his absence) will oversee this process and may defer this until such time as demands within competition allow. It may be necessary to give feedback after the competition has concluded. A competitor or responsible adult may not approach individual Judges to contest a score, the principals and sanctions in point 3 apply to this action.

* A ‘responsible adult’ is defined as a person who has parental, guardian or loco-parentis responsibility for a competitor who is under 18.