BBC Portrush competition postponed.


Due to a number of factors, the BBC element of the competition at the Causeway Coast Surf Festival this weekend has been postponed.  A combination of rider availability and travel conditions has meant that the non-local entries had dwindled to a very low level; therefore as one of the principal reasons for running the event was to promote cross-border competition the decision has been taken to postpone.


Speaking for the BBC, Chairman Rich Hall said “We’re bitterly disappointed about the situation, it’s not ideal for us, the organisers or the sponsors; but we’ve had to take a pragmatic decision at this time.  Competitors have been holding off committing to the event and without the guarantee of entries we couldn’t give the sponsors what they most wanted – footfall and support – so we have taken the decision to postpone”.


A review of the current arrangements will be made after the Easter break and a further announcement will be made in due course.  The Irish bodyboard team selection event is still taking place and competitors should continue to enter via the Causeway Coast Surf club website.


  1. Be cool to have an Ireland,England,Wales,Scotland and Jersey comp sometime,and have it in decent waves,a seperate comp that doesnt effect each countries national and team point selection.Could hold it in good waves in each country and mix it up every year.Would it take much to get that running?