Important news from the BBC AGM


After a very successful contest facilitation and judging course on Sunday, the BBC held its AGM at the Bodyboard Depot.  At the AGM there was some news discussed that has important ramifications for the British Bodyboard scene.


After 6 years at the helm of the British Bodyboard Club, Chairman Rich Hall has stepped down from the role.  Treasurer Alex Ledbrooke and Club Secretary Matt Hawken have also decided not to stand for re-election to their positions afterputting in 4 &5 years respectively. Whilst all 3 remain on the committee of the BBC to lend their experience and support, it paves the way for new blood to come in and inject some fresh enthusiasm and direction.


Completing the 2012/13 Tour


  • The outgoing BBC Executive committee will commit to the completion of the 2012/13 Tour involving the completion of the Nationals competition and the Wedge event.
  • Tour champions (Opens, Women and DK) will receive a sponsorship package to compete in a nominated IBA or ESF event.


So what next?


Without an Executive the Club cannot operate and will cease to be, and so day-to-day influence over British bodyboarding will revert by default to Surfing GB.  In reality this may mean:- no Tour, reduced support and a slow decline.


  • In order to function properly the BBC needs a Management structure (the Executive).
  • 3 roles need to be filled;
    • Chairman,
    • Secretary and
    • Treasurer


So if you are enthusiastic about the sport and have a desire to give something back then please get in contact.  We will brief you fully with regards to what each role entails.The BBC committee will be accepting nominations for these roles (you don’t have to be a current committee member) from this point onwards until the end of July, and we would also like to appoint a competitor’s representative to the committee.


Securing the future of the BBC


The British Bodyboard Club exists to benefit the sport of bodyboarding, and we’ve made huge strides since 2006.  The positions on the BBC committee – bothExecutive and non-portfolio are voluntary and unpaid; those who do it, do it for the benefit of the sport, fitting it in around family & work commitments.  However, for the club to be effective, taken seriously and have a credible position in the international arena it needs to be united.  Differences of opinion will occur; and open and constructive discussion is healthy and welcomed.  But, unwarranted and destructive comments and actions will fragment a group with a common passion and will only serve to stall and reverse any progression.  In the grand scheme of things bodyboarding is a minority sport, but it makes an awful lot of people happy so let’s not lose sight of that.


The full AGM briefing is available on the BBC at, but if you have any questions or comments please contact






  1. Hello just want to know if its open to enter the dk at this event im a from south africa but live in newquay im about the only person that drop knees the wedge at tolcrane at big sizes i also use to ride in a SA tean years ago please get in touch regards tony