BBC announces landmark amendment to the 2012-13 competition seasons.

With the lack of swell this weekend forcing a further postponement of the Pit Mawgan Porth leg of the Auto Sleepers British Bodyboard Club tour, the BBC committee has taken a radical step to salvage the season.

“Everyone knows just how frustrating it’s been for us trying to get events run this year” said Chairman Rich Hall.  “We’ve had contestable conditions within a few days either side of the scheduled dates, but not when we’ve needed it. Therefore we’ve taken the decision to extend the tour into 2013”.

So how will this work?  The Bodyboard HQ Porthtowan Classic which incorporates the British Nationals age divisions (U14, U16, U18, O28 & O35), will still run on its scheduled date, and it will decide the Age champions for 2012.  However, it will now become the FIRST event in the 2012-13 tour which will stretch from Sept 2012 – June 2013.

So whilst there will be no Open, DK or Women’s champion for 2012, these titles will now be awarded for the 2012-13 season instead.  The 2013-14 season will kick off in September 2013.

Rich continued: “an ever compressing 2012 competition window meant that we were having to stretch ourselves too thin; and we had concerns that some riders might not be able to make all the events.  So whilst it’s a change from the norm, we feel it represents the best solution in the circumstances.  It also means that we will also hopefully be able to schedule the Welsh event back in”.

So the revised 2012-13 draft schedule looks like this:

Event 1: 22-23 Sept ‘12 – Bodyboard HQ Porthtowan Classic (incorporating the British Nationals age divisions)

Event 2: 5-7 Oct ‘12 – The Causeway Coast Surf Festival, Portrush

Event 3: 13-14 Oct ’12 – The Harbour wall Frenzy, Portreath

Event 4: TBA 2013 – The Pit MP Encounter, Mawgan Porth

Event 5: Easter 2013 – The Welsh Showdown, Rest Bay

Event 6: June 2013 – The Bodyboard Depot Wedge Airshow, Tolcarne.

In regards to the 2012 ISA World Championships in Venezuela, if there is sufficient demand the top ranking riders from the 2011 will be able to represent GB, though there will be limited support available.  Failing this, the BBC will be negotiating 2013 end-of-season entry into an ISA/ESF/ISA event for the tour winners.