World Bodyboard Games – Tuesday 29th – Opening Ceremony Day


No video update today I’m afraid, just too busy! A 6.30am start saw the team first on Fronton. It’s an epic wave for bodyboarding and everyone was soon getting stuck in. Wave of the session went to Winkworth who caught the second wave of a west swell set. Amury went first with a sick barrel, Winky followed, went deeper and harder yeow!! Liv Smedly and Sam B…rabyn also got in the mix on their maiden session, brave stuff in the heavy wave.

After that it was back to Gladar for the opening ceremony, it was nothing less than epic. Locals lined the streets as 21 teams paraded their flags to the town square where the games were declared open by local dignatries. Brabyn and Winky soon found themselves mobed by groupies as they posed for photos with swathes of girls, classic! The whole team were signing autographs, and “Deadly” Smedly jumped around on top of the Red Bull Hummer!

A second session back at a rapidly growing Fronton for Damo, Jack and Winkworth whilst folder holder Ledbrooke got the paper sorted in the afternoon. A final evening session on La Guancha, the anticipated spot for the DK, women’s and juniors was enjoyed with a lot of fun waves going down.

The bits you need to know. Tomorrow’s activity.
Check-in 8am at Fronton for round one of the open.
Heat 1 – Prisk, Alonzo (Venezula), Mugani (Israel) and Eman (Aruba)
Heat 6 – JOhns, Rivera (Peurto Rico), Loefstock (Aruba)
Webcast –

Juniors and DK is on standby for tomorrow.

Fingers crossed some video action for you tomorrow and we’ll try to get some opening ceremony photos up tonight.